Rangers Brand

“Together, We Are RangersTown” has been the strapline for the New York Rangers over the past few years. Every campaign under this brand identity focused on building up the Rangers hockey community through their generational fans, players and alumni.

"RangersTown Unite!" On Sale Ad for Social Media For the 2017-18 season, we continued using fans, players and alumni in our creative, only we elevated the campaign. We made it more story-driven and used stronger language, like the rally cry-style from our 2017 playoffs creative.

How We Got There

2016-17 “Since” Campaign While concepting for the “Since” campaign occurred before I joined the team, most of the campaign’s deliverables were written by me. The campaign was designed to personalize and display Rangers fans in creative, giving them celebrity treatment alongside Rangers players and alumni. We worked with real season ticket holders, inviting them to a photo shoot and building ads around their unique personalities.

2017 “Calling All Blueshirts” Playoff Campaign Early in the brainstorming process, my creative seniors wanted a playoff campaign centered around a war cry or call-to-arms for the Rangers community. Knowing the brand team would never go for anything too aggressive, I approached the line like something you might see and hear at a high school pep rally in a small town. “Calling All Blueshirts” and “Banded in Blue” were the two most popular options, and eventually we went with “Calling All Blueshirts” because it was catchier and felt more inclusive.

Preseason Creative Between the end of the playoffs and the start of the new season, we were still pushing out creative while concepting for the 2017-18 season. We used this window to experiment with illustration, animation, storytelling and language.

Our Copy Proposal for 2017-18

Manifesto Options for the 2017-18 Season We proposed two directions for the new season, one undeniably unique for a manifesto and the other more traditional. The brand team’s “pillars” for RangersTown, defined by pride, hard work, insider and fun, guided the writing process. Direction one focused on expanding the celebrity of our fans by exploring their stories of fandom. Direction two was written as a general “pledge” for the RangersTown community. View Manifesto Options

2017-18 Executions

Season Ticket Booklet Reviewing over 1,000 real stories from New York Rangers fans and alumni, I picked out and polished around 50 one-liners and abbreviated stories for the creative used on the season tickets. View Season Ticket Member Booklet

Season Ticket Member Welcome Pamphlet While the ask mostly consisted of explaining changes in membership for season ticket holders, the pamphlet did offer a few opportunities to write creative copy about the new chapter ahead for Rangers hockey. View Welcome Pamphlet

RangersTown Family Night While technically living under the umbrella of the 2017-18 campaign, this project was a slight deviation from the usual style. Visually, the illustrator was more playful with the figures and layout, so I altered the voice to be less of a rally cry and to be more family-oriented.