MSG Venues

The Madison Square Garden Company had big changes in mind for 2017, and it started with a big overhaul of their digital presence. With over 80 web properties spread out everywhere, they worked with the agency, Huge, to bring as many properties as possible under one URL. I worked on the Knicks and Rangers Ticket Central pages as well as some of the sales copy for their premium suites.

Both brands needed to feel true to their specific personalities. For the Knicks, I wrote the hero, group, ticket plan, and premium pages using verb-driven language about New York City and the grit of basketball.

View MSG Knick Landing Page

For the Rangers, I built out the hero, group, ticket plan, and premium pages with language oriented around togetherness and community.

View MSG Rangers Landing Page

Premium Seating The writeups for premium seating required two sets of copy, one that sells it as a world-class hospitality experience during game days and another that sells it as an impressive rental space for business meetings and/or corporate events.

Billboard Magazine Ads We also began to highlight The Madison Square Garden Company as the premier destination for entertainment and did so by promoting all their venues together in one place. Early on, our energy was put into a series of Billboard magazine ads, one of my first projects after joining the creative team.