Florida State Parks Styleguide

The Florida State Parks style guide was a rebranding project. I worked with a team to create a guide that invoked sensory exploration. Wanting to show how Florida's natural parks stood out over the state's other tourism markets, we created something that was playful, informative and intimate.

Eight folded spreads were placed throughout the FSP Styleguide. The spreads were designed to convey the sensual experiences of the parks.

converse with the outdoors. / Eavesdrop instead.

inhale the nature. / Exhale the city.

embrace the environment. / let it Envelop you.

behold the open world. / Distinguish new things.

savor the culture. / Relish in its flavors.

hear what nature says. / Read into its words.

go out and discover. / make something new to Remember.

feel new surroundings. / Lament what you will miss.